Usb Rechargeable Electric Lighter Dual Arc Windproof

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Product information

Name: Usb Rechargeable Electric Lighter Dual Arc Windproof Cigar Lighter Flameless Plasma Arc Cigarette Lighter Smoker Accessory Gifts

The product description Charging through the USB interface, can connect to the computer, mobile phone charger and other output voltage of DC5V, output current 1.0A charger charging; Charging 1.5 to 2 hours at a time can be full, the red indicator light will be on when charging, and the indicator light will turn off automatically when charged, and can be used 100-300 times after full charge, or about one week.

-Capable of short circuit protection,chip protection,overcharge protection,10 sec automatic power off and overheating protection.
-Metal windproof dual fire arc lighters
-rechargeable pipe lighters
-Packaged in gift box.

Color:Black/Blue/Multicolor/Black Matte/Silver/Pearl White
Battery:Rechargeable Lithium lion
Weight With Box:112g

1. Do not put this product into water or other liquids, or it will cause a short circuit.
2. Please disconnect the power immediately after charging (usually the full charge time is 2 hours), do not connect the battery to the power supply for a long time, overcharge will shorten the battery life;
3. When the battery power will be exhausted, the arc spark duration will be shortened. At this time, please charge the battery in time. If the battery is not fully discharged, it will extend the service life of the battery.
4. Do not continue to light for a long time, it is recommended not to exceed 10 seconds for each use to extend the service life of the product.
5. When you smoke, please shake the cigarette evenly and heat it faster.


Brand Name: FOCUS
Material: Metal
Technics: Lacquer
Model Number: ZR045
Model Type: 2019 Dual Arc Lighter
Features: Windproof Rechargeable Flame less Lighter
Suitable for: Cigar cigarette Candle Camp fire Outdoor fishing
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Item 2: rechargeable electronic lighter
Item 3: rechargeable electric lighter
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Item 5: double arc plasma lighter
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