SUP ATX Paddle Board | Model: VIKING | Length 10'6" Color: Blue w/ Carbon Fiber Paddles

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Quick Overview
The VIKING provides a combination of durability, versatility and stability. The Viking is a very stable board that provides an excellent platform for all of your Fitness needs. The 4 Connex SUP anchors allow for an option to secure accessories and the patented LIFTSUP handle is perfect for locking security and easy handling. A full deck EVA foam pad will keep you comfortable and slip-free during any Adventure you take.

Length: 10 feet 6 inches
Board Width: 32 inches
Nose Width: 20 inches
Tail Width: 15 inches
Board Thickness: 4.75 inches
Volume: 180 liters
Board Weight: 26 lbs.
Construction: Molded EPS Technology
Glassing: US Resin Research Epoxy | JPS Fiberglass |Top-3x6oz –Bottom-4oz+6oz
Deck Traction: EVA memory foam
Fin Setup: Removable Single-Fin Configuration
Suggested Rider Weight Limit: 235 lbs.