The Life That’s Rightfully Yours

I haven’t posted in a while and I’m happy to say I think I’ll be writing a lot more now. Anyway, I’m not to sure what I would call this. I’m by no means a literary expert. It is definitely not a Haiku or poem. I just hope you enjoy it, it’s straight out of my mind that’s all I can say.

The Life That’s Rightfully Yours

Fuel the fire with the haters desire
Let the fire be the object you admire
Drag me to the pits
I’ll fight back with ever hit
The pressure I’m under
Only releases the thunder
My soul not mistaken
For the life that’s worth taking

That’s rightfully mine
All in do time
I travel alone
turning every stone
In search for another
Who’s heart beats like thunder

One soul and two lives
A love intertwined
Our passion like fire
It’s the one true desire
The touch of an angel
A life so entangled
Her heart beats for mine
Not just once all the time

These Empty Spaces,
Like flowers without vases

Staying stuck in time,
Is like a sentence without a crime

We grow into new places,
Building new faces

Creating a life,
That will stand up and fight

I can’t stop believing,
In a world that’s not breathing

Life without feeling,
Is not so appealing

And I never met a man,
Who didn’t have a plan

That couldn’t see the light ,
Without going through a fight

A crowd full of faces,
In a place full of empty spaces

Filling the void we call life,
Without a sense of feeling in site

What we are today,
Will always be the same

If we travel in a line,
With no direction or sense of time

So stand up my friend,
Do not pretend

That this world is a creature,
Devouring every feature

That you’ve come to love,
Like a person or a drug

I’m high on this life,
And I won’t go down without a fight